Friday, June 6, 2008

Straphangers' Picnic: things I could have consumed on the way to work if people were better at sharing.

anonymous nuts

In my subway car, passengers were eating or drinking the following:

Schweppes original
Red Bull
Chick-o-Stick* (and the woman who had this was spitting a piece out of her mouth into the tube, so she may have been quite willing to share)
some hot beverage in a cardboard cup
nuts -- almonds? in a small tan and clear plastic bag
a pear? wrapped in a napkin
strawberries in a plastic container
a mysterious smaller brownish plastic bag (more nuts)?

*I've never seen this candy before. Is it any good?


angela said...

how can you not have seen/eaten chick o stick? it's similar to the middle of the butterfinger. this candy features flaky layering that's mildly peanutbuttery and crunchy yet somehow turns to glue once mixed with saliva. not untasty, yet probably not required eating past the age of 10 (well back in the days when We were 10, now they all eat neon sour items shaped like pacifiers and paint brushes.)

Jennette said...

I really don't think I've ever had one. I'm on the prowl for one now, though. I do like the sticky chew of a Butterfinger.

I would also like a sour paint brush, please.

Bets said...

Jealous. People are subject to arrest (no kidding) for eating or drinking on the subway in DC.

I'm really enjoying your blog! Wandered over from Ravelry.

Jennette said...

Thanks for posting, Bets. I don't think it's legal in NYC, either. But I find everyone does it. Anyone know for sure?

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