Thursday, June 5, 2008

Business Snack


Haribo makes a mean little bear, but what is the gold standard of the gummy worm? I'd like to have tested these Trolli Squiggles against some other varieties. How would a Trolli invertebrate compare to a Black Forest? A Publix (careful if you're kosher!)? E.frutti? Does Haribo make a worm? What's the difference between Gummi and Gummy? Don't even get me started on the sour ones.

I'd need to go on a brand hunt to have a showdown, obviously. This afternoon, my choice was Squiggles or no Squiggles. I ate three.

My notes are a little hard to read because I had chicken wings* for lunch and got Bangkok sauce on my notebook, but here's what it looks like I thought:
red and white - strawberry? sweet. a little too sweet?
yellow and green - lemony. lime? [this color combo has] a little more tang.
red and orange - redder tasting. cherry? tangy, too. [I like these] more than [the] red and white [ones].

To the eye and hand, the texture seemed appropriate. Chewing, somehow they seemed denser than what I was expecting. Less gummy? I struggle to describe the sensation. I don't know what I thought they were missing. My mouth wasn't angry. My mouth wasn't thrilled. But the smell was just right -- powdery, soothing, and sweet. I should have smelled them for longer. Because then they were gone. Well, there were more in the kitchen. But I'd had enough.

Regarding my color-coded notes, I suspect the different colors have different flavorings, but Jane put the idea in my head and I could have been trying to please her. I do have a pretty vivid imagination.

I didn't hate these Trollis but they didn't mark the end of my search. No. No, one has to keep searching.

* p.s. about those chicken wings:

Mystery lunch

Chicken Feature #1? Does this mark a new trend in less-than evocative names? Pretty sure they used to be called Bangkok wings.


Anonymous said...

They DO have different flavors per color. Green and yellow = lime. Red and orange was orange and I think red and white was the generic strawberry/raspberry. I preffered red and white. There were 47 servings in the box, for those who are curious.

Jennette said...

I do have another picture showing the serving information. You are correct. A 3 lb tub of Squiggles is about 47 servings. And a serving is 5 worms.

Thank you for the flavor information, too. Bonus!

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