Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The day I learned to pronounce barbiturate.

Dave (who asked me to mention him in my blog) made the cookie run to Paradis this afternoon.

Does $2 seem like too much for a chocolate chip cookie to you? Because it did to me...and then I ate one; now these chocolate chip cookies have become my dangerous, new best friends -- a gang of crispy-around-the edges yet underdone-and-gooshy-in-the-middle best friends -- each one worth all of 8 quarters.

They're not perfect. As much as I think I deserve a hefty cookie for my money, they're almost too big, almost too sweet, and almost too much for me in every way (including that I generally like a little less chocolate chip in a chocolate chip cookie).

I still want them. That they're less than perfect but transcendent is what keeps me going back. If I find a better one you know I'll talk.

Anyway, I didn't just eat this cookie. I hung out out with it first. We sat together at the computer and gave each other sideways glances. Today's cookie and I made it last at least an hour. We drew stares -- even comments. I hated and loved to see that cookie go. If only I'd had a camera. I'll snap a picture for you next time, since I know there'll be one.

p.s. there are 2 "r"s in "barbiturate." All this time I've been doing that word wrong.


Matthew Cavnar said...

Dave is a snack whore. This is a blog for food not jazz players. Some people!

mechanic said...

In regards to the chocolate to cookie ratio, I agree. There must be a balance of cookie to the chocolate or its just too much...

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