Friday, December 26, 2008

No ham or turkey for us!

Quick, eat!
(phone photo by Dan)

For this pastor's (and pastors') kid, Christmas was never really about the food. Or, rather, part of our Advent and Christmas celebration each year was certainly about cookies, bread, sparkling non-alcoholic beverages, and cinnamon rolls, but we don't really do a big Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner along the lines of the Thanksgiving-style feasts in which many other families indulge.

This year, with two services to go to and just 30 minutes or so in between, Christmas Eve Dinner was a hastily grabbed and eaten assortment of pizza, cheesesteak, and french fries from Palermo's (4 locations in the Philadelphia suburbs). I didn't try the cheesesteak, but the fries were fresh, crispy, hot, and great. I'm told they're the best. The pizza was also excellent - thin, hot and not at all greasy. The owner was at the Pottstown location when we picked it all up, and he's a friendly, decent guy. I wish it were my local pizza joint.


Bets said...

Merry Christmas! Our services were early, and after locking up, I spent about an hour driving from one recently-closed fast food place to another, always narrowly missing the last burger.

houstonmacbro said...

I SO miss being able to just take a day trip to Philly. Used to live in Baltimore and would drive up every few weeks to just 'go around town'.

Jennette said...

Bets - Merry Christmas to you! We just got in under the wire at the pizza place. They were closing as we picked up the food. Our services were 5:30 and 7:30, so perhaps that's similar to what you were dealing with.

houstonmacbro - I need to spend more time in Philly, but I am enjoying it so far. I'd also like to get to Baltimore one of these days.

Bets said...

4:30 and 6:30, who goes to church at 4:30 on a Wednesday? Well, a couple hundred people, as it turns out.

Baltimore is a great food town, though it may not compare to Phila.

Um, or New York. Still, great.

I have never had (or seen) a mustard egg! Sounds good (better than a red pickled egg, which I grew up with in central PA.

Jennette said...

I wonder if your red pickled eggs were the same as the beet eggs that are pictured in my photo. I didn't try one. Then again, those that I saw probably weren't pickled. But it makes sense that yours were colored with beets.

I hope to make it to Baltimore some day!

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