Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smartie(s) Pants.


Not these Smarties, which will always be "Real Smarties" in my mind [Do not confuse our Smarties® with NestlĂ© chocolate Smarties.Copyright© Smarties® 2008. All Rights Reserved.
Smarties® are licensed to be sold in the United States and its possessions only.]
, but the chocolate candy kind that resemble M&Ms and are sold in countries outside the U.S.

I found a hidden cache of snacks from Anastasia's UK snack sampler, including a cardboard tube of "Other Smarties" (okay, they were in the refrigerator so they wouldn't melt).

There are eight colors of Other Smarties represented in differing amounts in my tube: orangey red (2), grass green (6), yellow (5), reddish purple (5), warm brown (2), sky blue (5), dull tangerine orange (5), and a bright pink (4).

I had heard that the individual colors tastes different from one another. The orange Smarties had a strong chocolate orange flavor. The red Smarties tasted faintly "red," and perhaps like cherry. Browns had a kind of sharp, bitter coating and yellows did have a citrus taste. The others were indistinctly flavored like chocolate and sugar (not unlike M&Ms).

Pause for disclaimer: I apologize to you all that I didn't have any M&Ms in the house to compare directly. I don't generally plan my snacks out thoughtfully enough in advance to do comparisons like this. Perhaps I've learned a lesson about responsible snack reportage I can use in the future.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Other Smarties have a good density and taste truly chocolatey. The orange was my favorite Smartie (Smarty?) by far. I'm not a M&M fangirl, though I like them in a "okay, sure, I'll have some" sort of way, and I don't prefer one chocolate candy orb over the other, but I would choose a whole tube or bag of the orange Smarties over any other color or assortment of Smarties or M&Ms.

No, I wouldn't eat the red ones last. So there.

p.s. Just because there are "No artificial colours or flavours" in there doesn't mean that insects aren't used to make some of the colors.

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