Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My tongue hurts.


My top 5 sweet-and-sour-make-your-tongue-burn candies of the moment:
1. Chewy Spree
2. Sour Patch Kids
3. SweeTARTS (But you know what almost ruined SweeTARTS for me? Trying to navigate the Wonka website.)
4. Giant Pixy Sticks
5. Lemonheads

Sweet script

Two days ago I ate a small roll of SweeTARTS found at work. I'd never seen this size before. Looks like somebody's jumping on the Smarties bandwagon. In the middle of eating them, while enjoying the cursive script of the "Swee" etched into each candy, Jeff offered me a Sour Patch Kid.

It was like being punched in the tongue while it was already bleeding - but with a fist of sour deliciousness.


Molly said...

You should start matching all your nail polish with your snacks!

Jennette said...

Don't tempt me. Just what I need - another hobby. I don't even wear nail polish 98% of the time, but you've got me seriously considering it.

What I have is a sickness.

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