Monday, October 20, 2008

Well-traveled chocolate

I am the chocolate traveler.

I cracked open the first item in my Seattle-area and misc. snack sampler from friend and former coworker Tia. I was attracted to this tin of chocolate wedges because, due to its having been mailed from the West Coast, it has already fulfilled the brand's ambitions of being a chocolate traveler. Were this not the case, I would find the name a little perplexing.

This is a milk chocolate product that also contains "chocolate liquor" as an ingredient, but there is no liquor flavor. It's just basic, mild milk chocolate in a pleasantly portable form and clever triangular shape (I like triangles and consider them all clever). I have, in general but with exceptions, grown more fond of dark chocolate than milk chocolate. This is not an exception to that rule, but I didn't dislike these traveling chocolates, either.

So, they're kinda no big whoop, but I'm okay with that.

Type of triangle: isosceles.


Tia said...

There is something about the packaging that I loved. I like tins for some reason - like the rectangle altoid box, sucrets (even though I don't like the cough drops themselves), the round altoid tin and these chocolate wedges container. I always want to save the tin for later, for what I do not know. Eventually, a week or two after saving, I will throw it out because I don't really have anything to put it in. I just think I will.

Jennette said...

I am so right there with you. I love altoid boxes (and often use them to carry knitting supplies in my bag), the Chimes ginger chews, chocolate tins, tea tins, etc. I save them, too, and am not as good as you at throwing them out! I think there are some in my closet right now! The tin was a major draw for me with this chocolate you sent. And I have not thrown the tin out.

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