Friday, October 17, 2008

Snapshot Review: Brach's Autumn Mix

Autumn Mix

Almost everyone at work got a little sick of candy corn yesterday.


The pumpkins taste denser and richer, a little like circus peanuts (though different in texture).


kellyr said...

My mom and I had for a time an unsettling addiction to Farley's brand candy corn. 'Made with Real Honey.' Sooooo good!

Jennette said...

Honey?! That sounds worth checking out, and I am not even that fond of candy corn.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of my least favorite candies, in order of dislike:

1) Cotton candy
2) Candy cane
3) Candy corn
4) Saltwater taffy

Jennette said...

Your list is a good one. I agree in theory, but in practice I like the novelty of the texture of cotton candy and about three flavors of saltwater taffy from one particular shop in Estes Park, CO. Oh, and chocolate candy canes are a little better than regular ones (which I don't so much like).

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