Thursday, October 30, 2008

One down...


When R. read my post on The Sweet Hundred, she noticed a familiar item in the list of treats I've never tried.

"hey - i have had a nanaimo bar!! only thing on your list of things you haven't had that i've definitely had. i think it's big in the PNW."

In a delicious twist of fate, she then visited the Pacific Northwest and brought back some Nanaimo bars!

Despite being individually packaged, these Canadian treats (named after Nanaimo, British Columbia) remained moist, chewy, and homemade-tasting.

By the way, Internet legend has it that the mascot of the city of Nanaimo, BC is a giant Nanaimo bar named Nanaimo Barney, but the fact that I have been unable to discover a picture of said mascot makes me suspicious of that story.

How to pronounce nanaimo

This very real Nanaimo bar (pronunciation notes included for your edification), has the traditional three layers, though sometimes the top layer is solid chocolate. The nuts in the crust are walnuts and the coconut must be melted in there somewhere, but I really didn't taste it.

The Nanaimo seems to be both about texture (crumbly crust; creamy and rich pudding/custard layer) and sweetness (powdered sugar galore!), which combine tantalizingly in the no-bake bar. I approve this as a potential potluck dessert. Love!

If you come across these (I hear they're big at Starbucks), I recommend only eating one at a sitting - no more. I don't want anyone going into the sugar shack - I mean sugar shock.


bs said...

I notice that you mentioned some snacks from the Great State of Washington and I wonder if you've had a chance to try one of my favorites, Tim's Cascade Style Chips. Jalapeno is the best but they also make a chip flavored with "Johnny's Seasoning Salt", another regional delicacy. They're probably widely available these days but I still associate them with the Northwest.

Jennette said...

Tim's Cascade Style is not a brand I am familiar with, but I will definitely keep an eye out in delis and bodegas for both flavors you mention.

I heart the chip. Thanks for the tip!

Vancouver Island Reviews! said...

Being from Nanaimo myself I have never heard of the Nanaimo Bar mascot story - but it's amusing nonetheless!!

Jennette said...

Just as I suspected! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. You're the most expert person on Nanaimo I've ever "spoken" with, so that carries some weight. ;)

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