Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are you a good 'wich or a bad 'wich? Which?!

Peanut butter cream'wich

This week I tried a Peanut Butter Cream'Wich sandwich cookie on display at the counter at 'Wichcraft. I was there to get a sandwich*, but sometimes a dessert catches one's eye. And it was quite good. The outside of the cookie was flaky and rich; the filling inside was melting and strongly flavored with peanut butter. Something about the texture and taste reminded me of the Girl Scout peanut butter sandwich cookies I used to enjoy.

It's perhaps a little smaller than a cookie that costs a dollar really should be, but I've made a lot of cookies in my day and tend to think they're overpriced. Given that this cookie lives in generally-overpriced-food territory (NYC), I don't think a dollar is too much to pay if you're giving yourself a peanut butter treat in the middle of a workday. Once or twice a year, maybe.

*About that sandwich:
My favorite sandwich in the Union Square/Astor Place neighborhoods in Manhattan is grilled gruyère & caramelized onions on rye bread at 'Wichcraft. Warm, gooey, and smooth, it's actually the only sandwich I have ever ordered there. I've tried their sides with mixed results. The marinated chickpeas were a little dry. The potato salad needed more flavor. But that sandwich. Ah, that sandwich. It is enchanting.


houstonmacbro said...

The cookie and the sandwich sound wonderful. I wish I was in NYC right now.

Jennette said...

I don't know that I could recreate the cookie without a recipe, but you could make a passable version of the sandwich right at home!

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