Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adorable; inedible.

Big Chuck, little Chucks

Fueled by caramel popcorn rice cakes with peanut butter, I finally finished knitting the second Baby Chuck bootie from Brooklyn Handmade. It's hard to snack while knitting because my hands are full of needles and yarn, but I'm working on integrating the two. I'd really rather not get peanut butter on my wool. But I'm peckish. But I don't want to stop knitting. It's a sickness.

My brainstorming so far: candy necklaces/bracelets, big bowl of popcorn I can dip my face in without stopping my hands (mostly kidding about that one), hard candies, berries strung together on a thread.

Knitters and other hands-full hobbyists, how do you snack to keep up the strength while your fingers are busy? And on what?

p.s. The tops of my booties roll, which makes sense because they're done in stockinette stitch. But the tops of the booties in the picture on the link do not seem to roll. Why is this? Has anyone made these with a non-rolling edge? I think I'd like that better.

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