Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Sandwich


As far as I'm concerned, Dan invented this open-faced beauty. And I became a believer when we ate dozens of them on a day's drive from Colorado to Kansas in my little used Saturn (deceased). They're good at home, in the car, while camping (you may want to swap out mustard for the mayo), while picnicking, at the beach...

The variation pictured here (from last weekend's bocce picnic) is bread, spreadable cheese, Viennese mustard, and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, but the original version (still classic and my favorite) is a Triscuit, a dab of mayonnaise, a small slice of cheese, and a slice of the turkey pepperoni on top.


houstonmacbro said...

I am so hungry! And with a hurricane coming that sounds like the perfect 'survival' food. Thanks for the idea.

Jennette said...

You're welcome! I do think I could survive off of them for a while, especially as I am sure any kind of hard sausage or pepperoni would work in a pinch.

And thanks for commenting!

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