Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Would you say I have a 'plethora' of Pizzelle?"

Pizzelle box

A pizzelle (or is this noun plural?) is an Italian cookie that is like a thin, crispy waffle. These are slightly sweet and have a light, clean vanilla flavor.

How have I snacked on pizzelles since I bought them for a picnic last weekend?
  • Plain (yum!)
  • Atop a bowl of raspberry ice cream (dreamy!)

How have others eaten them in my presence, thereby grossing me out?
  • With bean dip (bleah.)


I still have a ton of these. Ideas?


aderyn3 said...

I'd use Nutella!!

stitchywitchy on Rav

caroline said...

My nonna was always making pizzelles when I was younger, and I occasionally make a batch (I'm a snob and don't like the store-bought ones). They were traditionally flavored with anise oil and dusted with powdered sugar and we'd usually just eat them plain with tea. But if you ever make your own, you can shape them into bowls or cones when they're fresh off the iron and still floppy. I think they'd be great to use with a sweet ricotta filling in lieu of cannoli shells!

Jennette said...

Thank you both for commenting! Aderyn3, I just happen to have some Nutella leftover from my taste test a week or so ago, so that can happen!

Caroline, your information is interesting. I bet if I had homemade pizzelle I'd no longer think the store-bought ones are very good. :)

la duchessa said...

Pizelles were a Christmas tradition in my house. We made them in two flavors- lemon or with anise. Both were excellent and have about a jillion uses. I like the lemon ones with espresso. I like the anise ones with coffee and sambuca. I like either of them with hot chocolate, nutella, preserves, whipped cream and fruit, or ice cream.

Jennette said...

Hmmm...hearing that you had lemon-flavored Pizzelles makes me think that they'd be good with lemon curd.

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