Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey, Walkers! Yeah, you in the burgundy bag!

Smoky Bacon

Lays is calling. They want their logo back. Oh, wait. You're doing that on purpose?

Anyway, Bacon is holding on the other line with a complaint. You're besmirching its good name.

And Salt sent a gift basket with a note: "Pleasure doing so much business with you. We planned to back off a tad, but if you're sure you want us to keep coming on overstrong, we're happy to oblige."

p.s. Perhaps I've gotten used to kettle chips, but why are your crisps so thin? It's like an initially crispy, paper thin potato slice that just rolls over and smooshes itself up in the mouth. Good smokiness, though.


la duchessa said...

I love Walker's! Everytime I go to London I try to cram as many bags (with minimal breakage of course!) of the prawn cocktail chips into my luggage. I love them.

I will say, though, that I had a fantastic crawfish potato chip that I picked up at Provisions in Fort Greene this weekend. Cajun and fantastic, but still no substitute for the prawn cocktail.

Jennette said...

My scarf swap pal sent me a bag with the prawn cocktail chips! I should eat and report on them soon.

As always, thanks for recommending chip flavors. I had better get down to Fort Greene.

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