Monday, September 8, 2008

Kissing Cousins


N. American Nutella: ostentatious lid.
European Nutella: sleek packaging.
N. American Nutella: Spiderman on the label.
European Nutella: Slightly yellow bread crusts on the label.
N. American Nutella: Musty, "old" chocolate and hazelnut flavor (expires this month).
European Nutella: Sweet, blossoming chocolate and hazelnut flavor (expires in a year).
N. American Nutella: Contains "Vanillan: an artificial flavor."
European Nutella: Contains "aroma."
N. American Nutella: Spreads well.
European Nutella: Spreads well.

Secret scoring formula beep boop boop beep...

Winner: Maybe it was the age of the batch, but European Nutella wins by a mile.

p.s. These are good (Nutella Mexican Wedding Cookies from last year's Cookie Party):
Nutella Mexican Wedding Cookies

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