Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poultry Poetry Tuesday


For Jeremy, who thought I said "Poultry Tuesday"
and for Alexia All Natural Chicken Nuggets, Chicken with Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese flavor:

Don't Just Thaw Me; Heat Me Up

O, farmers who care, who offer no harbor
To added antibiotics,
Your chickens your children, your/my
Frozen nuggets arrive cold but are
In 15-18 minutes (turning once) then
Baked too hot for hands, those
Panko crumbs like bells who cannot peal,
Broccoli and cheese thick as thieves who are thick
Inside soft soft deep chickeny pillows of aroma, these,
Broccoli and cheese twisting together
Tasted together. In rich oblong nuggets they should be
Dissimilar sisters, fraternal twins posing arm in arm
And melting into one.

Once on that darkened baking sheet
Now - gone.

Chicken farmers, I can no longer address you.
My eyes, lips, teeth, tongue,
Roiling boil of stomach,
Turn to your nuggets. Let me speak.
Your saltiness is not my tears,
For I shed none. But neither would
More cheddar in there make me weep.
Ah, and
Friends, you are so few.
My stingy nature, my mean heart
Must have spilled you out.

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