Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inside Out


Cadbury's Eclairs are penny-sized caramels with a bit of chocolate filling inside. They're a little harder and stickier than I like (I have to scrape that last hard and sticky bit off my teeth every time!) and the chocolate in the middle is only really evident if you suck on these instead of chewing, but I enjoyed the combination.

The caramel is sweet and rich, buttery without coming on too strong. Inside, the chocolate is smooth, milky tasting and just a bit thick. Though the two flavors complement each other, the caramel dominates.

I appreciate portability, so while having the caramels individually wrapped inside the outer tube of paper could be seen as wasteful packaging, it's handy when I'm carrying them around in my bag all day and it keeps them from melting together into a caramel lump.

Ultimately, I prefer the old chocolate-on-the-outside-caramel-in-the-middle candy standby, but I won't say no to these, especially if what I'm looking for is a snack that travels well.

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