Sunday, September 28, 2008

"So that's how I roll in law school."

Pudding Cali

Please welcome my sister, Cali, a second-year law student, in her first guest post. We'll be spotlighting her kitchen and eating habits today. Feel free to compare and contrast from what you know of mine. In fact, if I get around to it I'll make a post with my own photos and list so you can better compare. -- J.

Contents of Refrigerator: (and usually there's a half-gallon of milk in there, too, but I finished it the day before I took the picture and hadn't had time to go to the store yet)
1. half-empty 2 liter of ginger ale
2. individual cup of peaches in syrup
3. individual cup of Shaw's brand chocolate pudding
[Pudding, huh? So nothing has changed. Please see photo at top of post -- J.]
4. 5 individual cups of applesauce with cinnamon
5. 2 bottles of water
6. 1 huge bottle of ketchup (that I will only eat with corndogs)

Refrigerator door holds:
1. 1 small jar of mayo
2. half-empty small bottle of ranch dressing
3. unopened jar of apple butter dated 2000
4. 1 bottle water
5. 1 half-empty bottle of pepsi

1. ice cubes
2. ice pack
3. 1 box Morningstar bite-sized veggie corn dogs
[I still haven't found the bite-sized to try. -- J.]
4. half-package of Totino's Pizza Rolls

Cabinet [editor's note: middle shelf shown in both close-ups above.]
lotsa random stuff including:
1. 2 containers of yummy instant oatmeal that (I think) date back to before I moved to Boston
2. Box with one packet left of Instant cheesy mashed potatoes (for the days when I just need comfort food but am too lazy to go anywhere or actually make anything -- read: most days). I think the packet is meant to serve 3 or 4. Last time I had this, I ate an entire packet for dinner one night. That was a BAD day. ;)
[Um...for me, that happens with PastaRoni. I only buy it when down in the dumps, and I almost always eat the entire box. -- J.]
3. 4 snappy containers of various nuts that are all at least 6 months old
4. package of Hit crackers Dad bought for me in August of 2007
5. 6 various jars of jelly/jam (I haven't eaten jam or jelly since I moved to Boston, but I keep buying the stuff for some inexplicable reason)
[I have a jelly/jam-buying problem, too! Try them on the crackers! -- J.]
6. Girl Scout cookies that are at least 2 years old
[You are amazing. I couldn't keep them 2 weeks. -- J.]
7. Package of Red Beans and Rice I bought in New Orleans in 2007 when I went to check out March of that year, I think
8. A bunch of Creamy Chicken flavored Ramen.
[The best flavor. Nay, the only flavor. -- J.]
9. and so much more....
So that's how I roll in law school.

p.s. Today I ate: a jelly donut. And now I'm preparing to polish off the pizza rolls and have some milk.

Yay, law school.

[YAY, CALI, aka Electra, Queen of the Underworld! Thanks for taking some time out from studying/working/sleeping/snacking. Come visit! -- J.]


Matt Cassity said...

Send this woman some food!

Jennette said...

I should probably get on a bus to Boston with a box of fruits and vegetables, right?

cali herself said...

In re-reading that, I realized that I really am a "the bottle is half-empty" kind of opposed to "half-full," you see? And bring the food trip on!

Jennette said...

Does it mean I agree with your assessment if I say I am way more inclined to call your fridge "half empty" than "half full?" ;)

Redford said...

that's pretty much spot on for my kitchen in 2L, except the are three of us struggling through our law degrees. The only difference is the obligatory bottle of vodka in the freezer and similar accompaniments in the pantry. So all in all less food, because as the age old adage goes: 'man cannot live on bread alone.'

Jennette said...

Thanks for commenting, Redford. This starvation diet thing must be why I'll never make it in law school.

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