Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giant Movie Night -- Accidentally Awesome

Spotted Dick; Boogie Nights

GMN Week six

Film: Boogie Nights, starring Luis Guzmán, as far as I'm concerned. With Thomas "Mr. Patricia Arquette" Jane of Hung, interestingly enough.
Snack: Spotted Dick (a gift from Rusty), ice cream.
Guests: Dan.
Outcome: It was another quiet Giant Movie Night. I appreciated the film on this re-viewing. Like Casino, it's the sort of stylish epic (with just enough humor) that I don't get tired of.

Canned Spotted Dick was a frightening and exciting treat. I may have mentioned I'm not too big on raisins, and this is basically a stiff sponge cake with raisins (if only it had been currants, as described on the Wikipedia page). However, once steamed in the microwave it wasn't half bad. It was a little like slightly dry pumpkin bread (with raisins). I didn't even need to cover it with ice cream to make it palatable. Perhaps the non-canned version is grosser? I thought it would be grosser.

In short: this snack was not terrible at all. Thanks, Rusty! It was only due to your thoughtfulness that I had the chance and encouragement to try it.

Still, the cake does manage to look unappealing. You could work on that, Brits. But don't let me tell you your business.



girl_in_greenwood said...

Heh heh, you said stiff sponge cake. Sorry, I am apparently stuck in 7th grade.

Jennette said...

Oh, me, too. I knew after I typed it -- but didn't change it. ;)

barcher said...

Hmm. I thought you might have saved this for your screening of "Cruising". Either way, I guess....

Jennette said...

We watched Boogie Nights the night after Cruising. It was quite the thematic week.

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