Thursday, August 13, 2009

You can lead a horse to raisins...

But I don't like raisins

but you can't convince that horse she likes raisins. Even if she's eating really good raisin bread.

The cinnamon raisin nut (walnut?) bread Nicole brought to share at work smelled heavenly, especially after a slice or two got toasted. Folks gathered 'round.

"I don't even like raisins," I said again and again, eating a piece with butter, "but this is good."

I have heard that Orwasher's, the bakery from which this bread originated, is "hit or miss." This item's a hit. I should know. I don't like raisins.


Thea said...

I feel the same way about raisins, and I've also eaten raisin bread, and liked it. I'm wondering if something happens to the raisin while it's cooked that renders it edible. More likely I just like fresh bread.

Jennette said...

I'm so glad you commented. I don't know anyone else who felt that way about the bread. I will also occasionally eat a yogurt- or chocolate-covered raisin, but I don't buy them for myself.

Starling said...

raisins are also not my favorite. i will eat them last (or not at all) in a trail mix situation. i prefer my oatmeal cookies without their involvement. only if actually Hungry will i eat raisins. poor dead grapes.

Starling said...

oops, jenny! that was angela, using deniz's computer. did not realize she was still signed into gmail. :)

Jennette said...

That explains it! I was guessing you were Deniz.

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