Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: Molly and David got married.

Exiting couple
(photo by Dan)

A day as bright as love,
As the bride is bright, as the groom is bright, as the
Blankets thrown down to serve as rafts
For friends on the great, green grass.
We sail the field, tambourines shaking in joy,
Grins thrown open, wide skies of smiles,
Strummed music humming our expansive hopes,
Tears of large, happy witness and small, secret wishing.
Our parade of sweetness progresses through tall grass,
and they are at its head.

Receiving us: peppers, farm flowers, kittens,
Small, tart apples and gamboling calf.
The world opens its stores in the wake of this coupling,
Heirloom tomatoes like jewels, lobsters laying down their lives,
Salads rare. We are so prosperous!
Blue and gold coins of cheese, precious as the fading light.
Treasure fills these chests and overflows,

Icy Frolics
Gingered ice cream, Maine blueberries, lemon cake,
Sweet and tart and warm and heavy on our tongues.
Taste this, this green wine, fresh in youth;
This is their life, may it ripen with age and care.
We hold them in our hands, we take them in, they cover us,
As do our shawls and scarves and necessary hugs.
A night once cold as an empty heart now warmed by
Dancing, colored frocks, and music
Made by all of us.

Wedding parade 2

Wedding parade 4

Wedding seating 3

Music Trio

Backlit Trio (officiant, groom, best man)

Our feet go to the wedding
(photo by Dan)

Molly's entrance
(photo by Dan)

Sunny salutes
(photo by Dan)



Tiny apple (crab apple?)

Barn kittens

(photo by August Heffner. Used with permission)

Babies stay warm in style.


kellyr said...

So beautiful! Your poem is a perfect way to commemorate this wonder-filled occasion.

Dan said...

Brilliant !

Jennette said...

Gee, thanks, friends!

Jenn said...

chills down back and tears in eye! this is perfect!

Jennette said...

Thanks, Jenn. *hearts*

David Michael said...

Oh my Jenny, we just got back from our trip and saw this!!!

So incredible and truly touching. We are crazy about you and so honored and thankful you could be there!

Jennette said...

DM - That means a lot to me. You guys are the classiest. Please come over for dinner soon so we can give you your gift and also because we think the world of you.

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