Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why didn't this occur to me?

City Bakery Lemonade

Super-tart lemonade with "a touch of cream?"

So. Good.

Thank you, City Bakery. My life has been changed.


ladymoxie said...

o.m.g. that is fabulous!!

Jennette said...

It was so radical.

Bets said...

what's the cream? (Imagining the acid would curdle literal cream.)

Jennette said...

It tasted like it had literal cream in it.

A press release I found said, "In honor of the Catskill farmers, Maury Rubin, City Bakery's owner, is bringing back his legendary Farmer's Lemonade, made with a touch of cream–a nod to the region's dairy farmers–and NYC tap water, naturally. "Quote from Maury Rubin". A percentage of the proceeds from lemonade sales will fund future EP and WAC campaigns.

Another website claimed it is "organic heavy cream."

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