Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elusive Entenmann's

Chocolate Chocolate

Entenmann's Frosted Devil's Food Donuts are not your average grocery store boxed doughnut. I couldn't care less about the yellow-on-the-inside chocolate doughnut, but these are special. They're devil's food inside, as the name suggests. The chocolate "frosting" has a great texture, and both the interior and exterior are rich and chocolate-y.

These are hard to find in my neighborhood, though the yellow chocolate doughnuts and the variety boxes are everywhere. If you're looking for devil's food, pay close attention to the picture on the side of the box. You don't want to see a that yellow peeking through on the graphic of the bitten doughnut.

The chocolate-on-chocolate's elusiveness probably makes them taste that much better. They're really a special treat, as I only run across them a couple of times a year.

Best of all, in terms of practical considerations, a box of 8 will last a week without going stale, so you don't have to stuff them all down at once. Or share them.

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