Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tent City: Meet, Greet, Eat -- Sweet!

Our corner of Tent City
(photo by Dan)

In Maine for Molly and David's wedding, 20-30 of us (I'm guessing based on the number of tents) camped out in Molly's mom and stepdad's backyard for the weekend of festivities.

Tent City view

My invention
(photo by Dan)

Inside our tent, I was able to try out Dan's new camping lantern, hung from the ceiling by a few items meant for the taming of hair-dos.

Recreation area
We had games, port-a-potties, a sink, an outdoor shower, a swing, chairs, friends, babies, dogs, and more. It was so glorious.

Fire Master Mike
Mike tended the fire throughout our stay. S'mores were had here. And S'morks (pulled pork s'mores minus the marshmallow). Drinks were drunk around this fire. And singalong songs were sung. Ukuleles and guitars were strummed. Soles of shoes were melted in its heat, so loath were we to back away from the blaze.

Picnic Table at "Camp I Do"
Ever-accommodating, Molly's parents created as luxurious and festive a camping environment as I've experienced. We enjoyed tables and chairs and shade and sun.

Babies pet dogs
Dogs and babies got along swimmingly.

Chairs, towels
Speaking of swimming, some went to the beach. Others sat and relaxed. Still others discovered that one cannot rent a keg in Maine with an out-of-state ID (or passport).

Pig cookies
Bride and groom pig cookies appeared.

The happy couple
So many flavors! One wedding guest described these as hallucinogenic in their audacious composition.

Giant Lasagna, with Kyle for scale
One evening there was a vegetarian lasagna many times bigger than Kyle's head. It was grander than grand.

Groom's Cake - a tribute to Steel Magnolias
(photo by Dan)

Would you be surprised if I told you that the fifteen-year-old baker responsible for the pig cookies also made a red velvet groom's cake in the shape of an armadillo (in a nod to Steel Magnolias)? James learned the hard way that the thing that looks like a rock in the photo above -- is a rock.

Armadillo Cake
(photo by Dan)

Here's another view (it's partially eaten at this point).

Wedding-day breakfast
(photo by Dan)

There were bagels. There was coffee. Babies enjoyed toast and eggs. The morning of the wedding was all about quickbreads, quiche, ...

Breakfast beans
(photo by Dan)

and baked beans.

Morning babies 9
A good and tasty frolic was had by all.


Simply Life said...

What a fun experience - and the food looks great as well!

Jennette said...

It was delicious in every way.

Andrew Green said...

Those pig cookies just gave me an idea for my own wedding....

Jennette said...

Well, let me elaborate then. The cookies were choc. chip with nuts (grooms) and sugar (brides), covered in pink frosting, with chocolate chips for eyes, peanut butter chips for nostrils, marshmallows for snouts,pink wafer cookies for ears. Bow ties on the grooms were made of licorice.

The veils were not edible.

Jennette said...

Oh, and I think the top hats were pieces of chocolate bar with an M&M.

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