Monday, September 28, 2009

Peanut Butter and Stained Glass

Religious Snack

I'm usually running late on Sunday mornings, between the subway commute and my own laxity. This means I'm frequently snacking/breakfasting between choir practice and the church service, if I get anything at all.

Yesterday, I gave myself enough time to swoop into a bodega and grab a Vitamin Water ("Defense"), a banana, and a pack of two beloved no-frills granola bars. Nature Valley's Peanut Butter are the best. They just barely border on greasy, but come down on the side of rich and filling. A 2-pack is inexpensive, too -- 89 cents in inflated-price-central NYC means it's probably cheaper elsewhere (or bought by the box).

Adding to the grounded opulence of eating something so simple under stained glass and soaring ceilings? While snacking, I was able to listen to a cellist and pianist rehearse their special music for the morning's service. Perfection.

I've done a lot of eating in sanctuaries in my life (a pastors' kid learns the skills), but these granola bars remain a favorite choice.


Sandy said...

My fave granola bar too, although I admit I'm not sure I've ever eaten it with stained glass in the background. Definitely raises its gourmet quotient!

Jennette said...

I should try to only eat things that cost less than a dollar there. I'd really get my money's worth.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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