Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sticky times ahead.


Today is my One Year Bloggingversary. I've got a big post planned in the way of Snacking Amnesty, but right now I'm charging my camera battery while cleansing my palate with a Tea Tree Therapy Cinnamon Toothpick. That's right -- tea tree oil AND cinnamon (and menthol) all on one slender birchwood stick. There's actually not much flavor to the one I'm tasting. Perhaps these hung out in Snack Jail a little too long. No more! Massive turnover in S.J., whether due to breakout or reprieve, is my goal today!

Next, I'm heading off to work with a big bag of leftover snacks about which I've either already blogged, including about 20 rolls of Smarties, or about which I have had no time to blog, including half a Hershey Special Dark bar.

p.s. In further celebration of my anniversary, I plan to eat no fewer than five Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies (not the PB&J ones) today.


Dan F said...

Five ? ( 5 ) ?! ?

Jennette said...

Oh, yes.

angela said...

i belatedly toast those 5 little debbies with a zebra cake!

Jennette said...

A, this makes me want Star Crunches. :)

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