Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shrouded in Mystery


Questions :
What is this?
How old is it?

There is only one in Snack Jail.
The wrapper is printed in a foreign alphabet (is this Japanese?)
It is very hard.
It tastes like spicy soda.
It gets chewier and juicier in the mouth, but remains pretty hard (I think this may be a clue to how old it is).
It is a light tan or beige that fades to white as it is chewed.


bs said...

I think that's a Hi-Chew.
They are from Japan but I think there's an American version now.
I've only had a few of the fruit flavors but it wouldn't surprise me if there was "Cola" flavor.

Jennette said...

I should have mentioned one of my clues was that my Flickr picture (which I uploaded a long time ago) was titled Hi-Chew. But I wasn't sure that was the name, because I didn't remember uploading it. You are a good detective.

denise said...

Thats Hi-Chew like bs said. They are delicious!! i always have a few different flavors in my purse. Melon and Mango are my favorite. Y

Anonymous said...

spicy soda. hmmm...

Jennette said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Denise.

Anon., no lie.

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