Friday, June 5, 2009

Brittle Prattle

Brittle Trio

Angela sent this brittle candy trio from California (they have been imported from Mexico). I shared all three flavors with my coworkers yesterday.

Sesame was smoky, with a strong sesame seed flavor. This brittle was a little bitter and the least sticky of the three, but I liked the texture of the tiny sesame seeds held together by a sugary glue.

The pumpkin seed brittle looked like something one would feed to a bird (according to Dave, and I agree). It was sort of a sickly, wet green. This flavor tasted the freshest and the seeds seemed the most "natural" or organic ingredient for an interesting brittle, but it came off as the least "special" of the three.

Coconut seemed to be everyone's favorite, and was certainly mine. I did feel my dental work was threatened by this stickiest of varieties, but it was also pleasantly sweet compared to the other two. This tasted like the least complicated idea of the bunch, which might be a bonus in the brittle arena.

[Note: the anniversary blowout post I am working on won't be ready until some time this weekend, but rest assured I am still snacking up a storm in preparation.

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