Wednesday, June 17, 2009

China/All the way to New York

China, spilled

Here's what I have eaten so far of the assortment of Chinese candies Jim and Martha brought back with them. I thought I missed my chance to eat them, but some made it to our apartment after their stopover in Pittsburgh.
  • Cylindrical packaging with smiling ear of corn = large, sweet, somewhat fish-flavored, hollow Cheeto-looking stick. Disgusting.
  • Trapezoid-shaped "East Dignity" candy with pineapple print on wrapper = pineapple-flavored chocolate. Decent.
  • Light-green small rectangle with leaves, labeled "Tenfu Mini Pie" = layers of pumpkin seed brittle with only a light bitterness. Not bad.
  • Metallic green package, marked "Jofukuki" and "Hsu Fu Chu." with thumbsucking, cross-eyed dog depiction = fruity red, gold and green (one of each) gummy bears that taste like lollypops. Not Haribo, but yum.
To be continued...

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