Sunday, June 28, 2009

Incredible, Edible Hulk


I would not have pegged myself as a "green smoothie" sort of person. I still don't really qualify as one, I guess, since I don't drink smoothies made with greens (yet). But I will eat a green smoothie if it's made green by the inclusion of green fruits.

This smoothie has become a habit. Dave first suggested it to me as an option in the neighborhood where we work, and boy am I indebted to him. Named the Hulk, it's made of avocado, honeydew, and grape. The finished drink is sweet without tasting sugary, smooth, and refreshing. I'd never considered avocado as a smoothie ingredient, but it's a favorite now. I'd seek it out as an ingredient at smoothie shops or for home smoothie ventures.

If you're looking to taste the original, most sunny weekdays I spot this juice cart (staffed by a very pleasant young man) parked near 14th Street Union Square in NYC, just south on Broadway. A medium (there is no small) is $4.

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