Monday, June 22, 2009

Eat the Streets: Culver City, CA

Culver City sky

In Culver City, as I have mentioned, we spent a lot of time walking and eating. Here's a little photo essay for you.

Hot Dog truck

In the Helms Bakery District, we happened upon this charming hot dog truck (closed, but decorative).

Breakfast snack at Surfas

Lavender Lemon bar and Pomegranate Lime Italian soda from Surfas. We went there a number of times. There's also a great gourmet food and kitchen store in the building.

Lemon tree

Oh, how I wish for my own lemon tree. It's second only to my wish for an avocado tree.

Shopping cart full of food

One day at the Gallery, artists and staff and hangers-on (like me) ordered enough food for lunch from Bluebird Cafe that two people couldn't carry it all. They had to drag it back in an abandoned shopping cart. That's a lot of food!

Turkey Reuben

Here's my Turkey Reuben from Bluebird. It was great.

Bluebird Cafe

And what was in this big box?

Bluebird Cupcakes

Too many cupcakes for us to eat! I tried a green-topped one and was disappointed it was just vanilla with food coloring. I was hoping for a flavor.

Enormous lemonade

Wow! A lemonade nearly as big as my head! It was perfect -- tart and refreshing.

Honey's Kettle

This is where I got the lemonade -- Honey's Kettle (yikes! to the website). While there one night (I went twice), I also tried a chicken drumstick. Better than KFC or Popeyes, for sure. A lot of people agree.

Mediocre Chinese

Another day at the gallery, we ordered from Golden China Restaurant. I got crab rangoon and chicken fried rice. Crab rangoon is hard to find in NYC, so I was thrilled to get some (though I like mine a touch bigger). They were good, but the rice was mediocre. I don't know why I like the flavor of chicken fried rice so much better than vegetable fried rice, considering that I never actually like the pieces of chicken in the rice itself. Dan wasn't wowed by his entree, either, so this meal may have been the lowest point of our trip. The experience was pretty tame, though, as a low point. That bodes well!

Donut King
(flip flops from Havianas - free in a goody bag; paper bag waist skirt from Anthropologie)

This photo was taken on a daytrip to Venice Beach with Angela, my best friend spanning high school and college to today, who flew in from SF for a few days. But the donut is from Donut King in Culver City. Based on its looks and location on a grimy block of Sepulveda, the shop could have been a nothing-special place, but it turned out to have great doughnuts! I loved my chocolate (pictured here) and powdered-sugar kruller.

Samovars and Accordion

Sidebar: After browsing the collection for hours (I went two days in a row), we didn't have time to take in a movie or get tea and a cookie (complimentary) upstairs at the incredible Museum of Jurassic Technology, but check out these samovars!

Accordion; Dancing Shoes
(shoes by Frye)

I only wish someone had been there to play the accordion. It happens to be my favorite instrument favored by street musicians and subway performers.

In-N-Out Shake

Dan stopped at In-N-Out to try his first (and second) of their burgers, ordered "animal style" (with grilled onions). I was told that I could order a grilled cheese (even though it's not on the menu), but I was still stuffed from the morning's cheddar and bacon waffle (sadly, not pictured) and hash browns. So I settled for a strawberry shake. It was a little over-the-top, but not disgusting.

Hey, that might be a good way to describe LA -- except that, on this trip, I actually didn't see much of the "over-the-top" Los Angeles I've heard about. I certainly didn't dislike the city in the way I feared I might. I'll have to travel there again soon and widen my circle a little. LA, you were delicious, but I barely got a taste!


Bets said...

Hard to find crab rangoon in NYC? I'm surprised - practically every Chinese here has them. My husband always orders them. (And also, I have always thought that New York was the place to get everything there is on earth. I have believed that since I was a little kid in rural PA, and confirmed it a couple of years ago when I went to a newstand at Penn Station and bought a fashion magazine and a cold beer at 4:20 in the morning.)(I believe that is where I will go when I die.)

Jennette said...

I was surprised, too. they're everywhere in Kansas but in few of the Chinese places I've been in NYC. They can be found in my neighborhood, but they aren't as good as they shoul be.

It is one of my quarrels with NYC, but mostly we are awesome friends.

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