Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily at Your Door

Dan and I are in Los Angeles. We're staying in Culver City, where the historic Helms Bakery, home of the official bakers of the 1932 Olympics, is now a gigantic furniture store.

Bakery building

The old building has numerous decorative elements on its walls. My favorite was this seal celebrating "Scientific Baking."

Scientific Baking seal

I like Culver City even though I haven't been able to compare it with other cities in this metropolitan sprawl. I have experienced that, unlike much of the rest of LA, it is possible to see a lot of this area on foot. There are sidewalks and everything! And like much of the rest of LA, or so it seems from my research, food and the promise of food can be found around every corner. Both of these factors have made Culver City perfect for this particular trip. So far, we remain car-less and well-fed. I don't mind either situation.

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