Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bake bank, make bank.

Bake Sale

I learned about Tracy Candido's Sweet Tooth of the Tiger Bake Sales at a FEAST fundraising event, then saw this Bake Sale table at a FEAST-family H I T F A C T O R I E "Band Practice" in the neighborhood a few weekends ago.

Artists are invited to apply for a baking "residency" through STotT, raising money for their work and connecting with communities of people through the bake sale events. It's "bake it to make it" in its sweetest form!

From the STotT website:

The process: an artist is assigned to a bake sale event at an arts institution, for which they will bake sweet treats. Tracy will meet the artist at the location with the bake sale table to assist in selling their goodies. Each bake sale event is roughly 1-2 hours long, and coincides with gallery openings, book launches, art parties, live music performances, film screenings, stage performances, and other arts and cultural happenings. The artist pockets the cash made from their baked goods and donates a small percentage back to the Residency in order to sustain the program. During the bake sale event, Tracy will conduct a short interview with the artist about their work, the project they're raising money for, and their love of baked goods and baking, and then post it to the Sweet Tooth blog, complete with links to their website and body of work.

The Residency assists in funding elements of the artist's practice and also serves as a bullhorn for the artist's body of work. The Residency will also serve as a continued space for dialogue about food, eating, consumption, recipes, ingredients, heritage, and community.

I'm so pro-bake sale this makes me want to start up the oven immediately. I've got some creative projects percolating, too, so I may just have to apply for a residency myself. For now, though, it's back to the snacks!

Cream Puff: $1.50

This fine cream puff was $1.50 and worth every penny.

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