Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Survey of Snack Blogs

Candy Head

Candy or chocolate, sweet, sour, or salty -- snacking comes naturally to me. I've read food and recipe blogs from time to time, but never needed much help when it came to choosing my in-between-meals items. I have always liked eating, writing, and taking pictures, which eventually led to the idea of combining the three.

A few months ago, when I began writing and photographing for this li'l weblog called Snackreligious, I had no idea what sort of company of snackers I was joining. Turns out there a lot of people out here on the internet hungry for small bites.

Though I remain a bit superstitious about reading too many other snack blogs regularly (because even if I'm only writing for a handful of readers, I want my content to stay fresh and I don't want my language and style to become derivative), I've checked out some of my compatriots and am happy to share links.

Because Snacking Apart is Snacking Together

Candy Blog - Cybele May is a playwright who loves candy with a passion that shows. I'm inspired here by what seems like the gold standard of candy reviews and snack photography. The site is thorough, comprehensive, well-organized, and - even better - updated regularly.

A Cheapskate's Guide to Sublime Snacking - I just discovered this blog and feel a certain kinship with its creator. Anita Sharp lives in Brooklyn (like me!) and has published recipes. She cooks, too, and supplies Phoebe's Cafe, which is right in my neighborhood. I appreciate how she incorporates non-snack-related items in her writing.

The Healthy Snacks Blog - This blog (by Chris Davis) has a good, clean look, but the posts are not boring or clinical. I like the "coming soon" box in the sidebar. You may not realize it, but I appreciate healthy snacks, too!

Heat, Eat, Review - "A team of dedicated non-profit employees, students, and associates" shares reviews of frozen foodstuffs. This site uses an easy-to-read 5-star rating system for visual clarity. Good, lengthy anecdotal reviews abound.

I Eat Yucky Stuff - Twinkie Chan eats gross-looking food. Some of it tastes good. Some of it does not. Funny, gross, smart, adorable. This is a favorite of mine. I'm fond of her videos.

Junk Food Blog - Cybele May (again) and Steve Johnson teamed up for this one. It's a nice site that attempts to cover a wider variety of "junk food" snacks. There are several years' worth of archives to wade through, if you're so inclined.

Junk Foodie dot Com - "LIFE IS BORING WITHOUT JUNKFOOD!" says Manolito L. Montala. I'd have to agree. I don't only like junk food as snacks, but I do like how not-boring it is! I could say the same about this website. Manolito reviews some decidedly non-boring snack foods to spice up the site. Ingredients are listed, too, for those consumers who wish to know just how junky an item is.

Nik Snacks - Nik blogs from North Carolina, in case you're looking for some Southern edge. Her photos have that cell phone camera flair (and no, I'm not making fun). I like personal-feeling snack blogs (esp. because that's what I'm trying to do with mine) like Nik's. They're not just snacks. They're the edible mortar reinforcing and gluing together the bricks of our lives!

Our Snack Blog - Several contributers (three listed at press time) review snacks on this blog. If you're looking to blog about snacks regularly on a blog like theirs, why not join up? I appreciate the good-sized photos and attention to unusual snacks.

Snack Attack - The team behind this site mix it up. There's a little something for everyone. Snack selections are diverse and the writing personable. But the site hasn't been updated recently, so it may not be active any longer.

The Snack Blog - Here's another tag-team snack blog with archives a few years old. But this site also hasn't been updated in months, so it could be defunct.

Snacking on Macon - Angel Collins is "enjoying Macon, one delectable bite at a time." I've never been to Macon, so I appreciate being able to live vicariously through this personal blog. Food, beverages, music, travel, and civic pride come together.

Taquitos - Less a blog (and more a website), Taquitos sprang from one contributor's love of ketchup flavored chips and Trader Joe's Taquitos. The site is notable for extensive reviews, especially of chips, crisps, and other nibbles. They've identified their six major food groups as "Potato Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, Cheese Puffs, Tortilla Chips and Corn Chips." This site is funny in both senses of the word (but with no creepy connotations intended).

This is not a long list, but it represents the best of what I've found so far. Now it's your turn. Explore! Read! View! Snack! Spread this spirit of generous and adventurous snacking around the globe. And, if you're so inclined, return to Snackreligious and share your snacking reports.

By the way, if I missed your favorite snack-related blog or you stumble upon an upstart or ignored classic of the genre, leave me a comment so I can someday create Part II of this survey.

Because Sharing a Snack is Sharing a Dream.


Nik Snacks said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me! I really do like snacking in my real life, but you wouldn't know it from my blog. I just like to eat LOL

Can I put you on my reader?

Jennette said...

Your name and your content qualified you in my book. Thanks for thinking of adding me to your reader. Of course you can!

Lito said...

Hello Jennette,

Thanks for adding and linking to me. I'll add you to my blogroll if you like. You can also add me too if you want.

So you agree that life is boring without junkfood. But I try not to eat too much because of health risk but it's nice to have those things sometimes. :)

Jennette said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lito. I was planning to link to this whole post so that I catch everyone at once. I agree -- the unhealthiest, junkiest snacks should be eaten in moderation. I try to balance them with healthier meals and exercise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Your recipes look GREAT. Keep 'em coming!

Jennette said...

fivefingerfeast -- Well, thanks! I'm still really enjoying your blog. In fact, your last post made me want to go to Katz's and have a salmon sandwich!

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