Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: Pooh-pooh the Clue.

Mr. Green, the c-sticks cried your name --
by being green, I say. Too true.
Those (nick)named candlesticks weren't few.
I, Colonel Mustard, sir, cannot taste you.
Professor Plum, such sweetness as accrued
caused me to frown and miss
Miss Scarlet, as the tartness of her character was due.
Mrs. White, they're near too hard to chew. And,
M. Peacock, the wrenches all are blue.
Why, Mrs. P, then maybe it was you!
Still, colors only two? Oh, Clue,
I have to say your candy blew.


Matt Cassity said...

Those look like ear plugs.

Jennette said...

Ear plugs (unused) probably taste only slightly more "off" than this candy.

Dan said...

I'm submitting this to the New Yorker immediately.

Jennette said...

No! It's a blog exclusive!

mechanic said...

i want to open the envelope to reveal your favorite flavor and see if i guessed correctly!

Jennette said...

Unfortunately, in this case there were no "flavors" and the answer would be "EVERYBODY DIES!"

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