Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey, Walkers! Yeah, you in the yellow bag!

Walkers Marmite crisps were a birthday present from Dan. There's not much aroma to these chips. They smell like a basic, unflavored chip -- with maybe a hint of yeast -- only more so.

The taste is much stronger, but not instantly unpleasant. I've never had marmite, so I'm a bit of a loss to describe this flavor. There was an edge of nastiness at the back of my throat while I ate them, but it never quite coalesced into a bad taste.

I think if I hadn't heard that marmite is gross (such is what I've heard), I might have found these puzzling but fair. But marmite's reputation among its detractors (who -- around me, at least -- seem to number more than its fans) lent an air of menace to the experience.


barcher said...

Jenny, I can't wait to buy you a jar of Marmite. The devil cooked this stuff up. Wait and see!

Bets said...

you are kidding me. Tell me we have the same birthday. (mine's tomorrow.)

Jennette said...

Two comments from "Bs!"

Barcher - I am both afraid and excited.

Bets - That would be too cool. Mine was the 19th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Mechanic said...

what a revelation? who even knew they flavored things with marmite? thanks J!

Jennette said...

I didn't know! Dan should get the credit. ;)

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