Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Beacon and Back

Cut Paper show 1

We went up to Beacon to see the cut paper show that Mike Perry curated. I had a little snack on the train.

Train to Beacon

Junior Mints are a favorite of mine. Who needs to go senior when junior's this good?

I also tried Sync, a new flavor of Vitamin Water. This brand continues to deliver Kool-Aid for grown-ups and, when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing, the kinds I like are Defense, Sync, Balance, Orange-Orange, and the Multi-V Lemonade.

Cut Paper show 3

Here's something I like more than Vitamin Water: the piece Dan made for Mike's show.

The gallery is next door to a small Asian grocery, from which I've made it a tradition to pick up a couple of items each visit (white pepper, fermented mustard greens, black poppy seeds, tamarind candy, etc.). This time I picked up a snack for the train ride home -- a chewy and crunchy mass of peanuts and rice (with sesame, coconut cream, and sugar) called a Crispy Rice Cookie (Kra-ya-sart).

Nuts 4 Nuts

As I understand it from the internet, Krayasart is a treat traditionally eaten during the Sart Thai festival, and is presented to monks (and others) as a sign of respect, but it's also nice on a train to NYC in March -- even if it's being eaten by people ignorant of its history.

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