Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freebies at work

Shock and Brownie

Someone gave Dave a free Triple Mocha Shock Coffee drink on the street. I'm the guinea pig. It tastes like (in this order) coffee + chocolate + dirt + licorice + poppy seeds crossing my tongue. Three of those flavors were a shock, so perhaps it should have been Triple Shock, not Triple Mocha. I also disagree with this drink's slogan, "Sleep is overrated." No it is not.

Free snacks abound! I got a heads-up that Ethan would be bringing in leftover brownies from his fiance's bachelorette party. Rich, dense, and tasty. Also, congratulations on the impending marriage, E!


houstonmacbro said...

Lately, I shy away from free office snacks. Mainly for the calories, but also because of hygiene. Some people just aren't clean.

Jennette said...

We're a pretty close office, in which I assume everyone there is as clean as I am, but even so I figure any germs that don't kill me make me stronger. ;)

Anonymous said...

dirt as a flavor is certainly a shock. was it gritty too or just dirty tasting!?

Jennette said...

I think gritty is an excellent way to describe it. Perhaps I didn't shake it up enough?

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