Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is Sprung?


I am sure that we're still in for another round or two of cold weather before Spring really takes hold of the city, but I took advantage of this weekend's beautiful, mild weather to stroll my neighborhood with friends.

On our way back from the park, I stopped at Caffe Capri for "NYC's Best Iced Coffee!" It is, indeed, delicious (and I don't even particularly like coffee unless a non-literal ton of sugar and milk is involved). A small is $2.50, which seems reasonable, and Caffe Capri smells like a really nice grandma's house. A woman who might be someone's really nice grandma works behind the counter, alongside a man I suspect is her husband (and someone's really nice grandpa?). They've got a good thing going on.

Further down Graham Avenue, I bought the last chocolate whoopie pie on display at Variety Cafe. It was much nicer than the whoopie pies that are sold at Whole Foods. The outsides tasted like good chocolate cake (but were firmer). The frosting layer in the middle was not greasy, heavy, nor too sweet.

Also, good news! Ralph's (which has been closed all winter) is open for business!


mechanic said...

that coffee shop is the BEST. i love inspecting everything in the shop, which reminds me of my very own nice grandma's house. frank sinatra's shrine? check. lots of weird but delicious italian sweets? check.

did the "grandpa" recommend drinking the coffee without a straw for a proper flavor distribution?

oh, and remind me to tell you a raplh's story offline...

Jennette said...

I wasn't offered a straw, nor did I ask for one (I had a shortie cup), so I didn't get the straw speech. :)

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