Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost in Translation

4 Mexican Snacks

Nick facilitated (via his recent trip to Mexico) a multilingual snack tasting. From left to right:


Tostachos: "Asi me gusta." "15% + Gratis." "No te quedes en las formas, llega hasta el fondo...El Sabor" -- Cheddar cheesy tortilla chips with just a touch of cardboard and a tiny spark of spice.

Chili-Lime Nuts

Sabritas KKWates Enchilados con Limón: "Son esos pequeños momentos en tu vida los que hacen La Gran Diferencia!" -- Very sour, sharp lime flavored peanuts dusted with chili powder, reminding me of my favorite treat I found on my own trip to Puerto Vallarta, which was a microwaveable package of chili-lime popcorn. These nuts would probably be too much for some people, as the lime's industrial strength (and quite likely artificial) but I dig 'em.

Little Big Planet?

Vuala Minis: "Croissants con Relleno Cremoso Sabor Chocolate" -- It was a little creepy to open what looks like a bag of chips and find mini croissants. They felt moist, rather than flaky, and smelled like chocolate mini-donuts from a gas station (the inferior kind with the yellow insides). The texture was definitely off, as the "croissant" was more dense and moist than light and dry, but the chocolate cream inside tasted fine.

Potato Chips

Papas Pa-Fut Sabor Cañonazo -- "La Selección Nacional ya suma más de 85 años de historia." -- These looked like regular, unflavored potato chips, but tasted far spicier and madder. Both sour and bitter, there was still a strong potato flavor coming through, as well as abundant saltiness.

All in all, an intriguing voyage of flavors. The nuts were my favorite, but something about the balls-to-the-wall nastiness of the Papas Pa-Fut appealed to me (even though they ultimately were a little much).

Thanks, Nick!


mechanic said...

how were the chips "madder"? like crazy or angry? i am intrigued!

Jennette said...

Both, actually. They tasted both angry and a little crazy.

Bets said...

what kind of characters are those on the Minis bag? They look like yarn monsters.

Jennette said...

Bets - To me, they look like the characters from the video game "Little Big Planet," but Dan thinks they're a Mexican version, not official.

bmvaughn said...

Eating some Papas Pa-Fut right now and loving them. They are mean!

Jennette said...

bmvaughn - glad you could stop by and weigh in!

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