Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo Essay: Spring's Newborn Animals Vernal Equinox Potluck

My Spring Plate

On my plate: figs, blackberries, Mike's standout tabbouleh (my favorite dish of the night), onion-poppyseed bread, parsnips and carrots, salad, prosciutto, mozzarella.

Well-lit salad
(photo by Dan)

Nuts 2 Nuts



Table 2

Altar 1

Ostara Altar

Early spread

Dan and I made a vegan mushroom pate with Enoki and Shitake mushrooms. We adapted this recipe by using 4 x the garlic called for. The result was delicious, but surprisingly sweet. I might add red pepper flakes next time.


kellyr said...

Beautiful Pics!!! There was a real bright aura surrounding this event. More dip please!

Jennette said...

J's apt. was the perfect setting and she was an awesome host!

fern said...

aw, thanks jennette. i'm so happy to have been born again with all of you this year. beautiful documentation!

Jennette said...

Totes my pleasure.

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