Monday, March 2, 2009

Rachel's Pick: Sonny & Joe's

Best + New

Scouted at the new neigborhood grocery (just a block away, and therefore casually dubbed "Close-Mart") and recommended by Rachel: Sonny & Joe's Hot Enough Hummus?

This is a nice hummus (made in Brooklyn) with seriously spicy red sauce available at its center to be dragged throughout. I loved the spice and smooth texture, but I think the hummus could be a tad tangier. Still, I'm watching for more from this brand.

Paired with it and remaining the best flavor and brand of pita chip I've tried: Stacy's Naturally Cheddar Pita Chips. And I'm not usually a "baked, not fried" kind of woman.


Matt Cassity said...

I can't get over the question mark in the name. What if all our food was so unsure of itself, "wet enough soda?"

Jennette said...

To borrow a New Yorkism, "I know, right?!"

I don't like what it does to the punctuation of the sentence in which I put it.

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