Saturday, March 7, 2009

My New Job: Cookie Inspector

Test Cookie

The fact that I got to try a cookie yesterday and fill out a survey about that cookie and my experience of it had little to do with this site or my imaginary prowess as a food-judger. The person who made this cookie doesn't even know me -- nor I, her -- though the person who gave me the cookie and survey (to eat and complete, respectively) does know of Snackreligous and my love of all things Cookie (love, that is, as long as raisins are not involved).

I have not received permission to blog the details of this cookie, so I won't share its flavor or texture profile with you. Far be it from me to ruin someone's business plan! Let's just say that it was good. And if there is anyone else out there who wants me to try his or her homemade baked goods and fill out a survey or share verbal/emailed comments (I always strive for the most constructive of criticism), contact me! My reward is clear - the samples! Oh, and the greater good, of course.

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