Thursday, April 2, 2009

Belated Poetry Tuesday: I am a wreck.

Nice Try, Whoppers.

[Note: I wrote this poem on Tuesday, but had too much neck/shoulder pain from some sort of pulled muscle to get out the laptop. The pain also kind of intruded on the candy commentary. Sorry for that and for the delay.]


Today I am the queen of middling ideas,
Inglorious ruler of neck pain and second-rate candy,
Sultana of sweet nothings and more than necessary.

Today these Whoppers told a whopper,
Promised me Reeses and made me suck
To get at it.

Today I preside over the cult
Of why me? and good-in-theory.
I practice by eating what I preach.

Today I stuck my neck out, reached for peanut butter malted stars.
Today I tried new things and felt my injuries anew.

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