Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mister, I like your business model.

Biscotti 2

Biscotti 1

A special gentleman in my life (Hi, Kevin!) brought me the above lemon and lavender biscotti, homemade by one talented NYC-based biscotti-baker named Carl.

Here's what was in my secret heart of hearts when I received this gift: up until that moment, I'd never been terribly fond of biscotti.  I thought of it as an assortment of rock-hard pieces of something sort of like stale bread with a little flavor glaze painted on them.  Snacks that have to be dipped in coffee in order to be soft enough to chew are no snacks I want to eat.  I rarely gave biscotti a chance.

HOWEVER!!!!  I trust Kevin.  And I could tell right away that Carl's biscotti is different.  Honestly, I could.  I accepted it without reservations.  It didn't feel heavy or stale.  It smelled delicate.

Then, when I tasted it?

Why, Mr. Carl, I had no idea!

When I bit into my sample of biscotti, it gave way easily, revealing a tender crumb and sort of buttery sweetness -- but it wasn't too sweet or glazey.  As a matter of fact, it was the texture I'd always wished biscotti could be.

Turns out, biscotti can be that texture.  It can be, says Carl.

Kevin informed me that Carl makes a few flavors of biscotti.  There's a white chocolate lavender during the winter holiday season.  That's a good gift idea, no?  Cranberry walnut and lemon pistachio can also be had. 

If you'd like to inquire about purchasing a batch of Carl's biscotti, email carlmschweitzer (at) gmail.


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