Sunday, June 20, 2010

I support The Gay Agenda.

Cookie and program

If you're in the New York City area, you have two more chances -- this Tuesday and Thursday -- to see The Gay Agenda's shows running at Ars Nova on 54th Street. 

I'm going to get a little excited now:

Hie thee to that theater, baby! 

The Gay Agenda duo, Nicholas and Micah, have two shows running in a very limited rep, so Tuesday and Thursday nights' shows will be entirely different.  Though you certainly could see either one as a stand-alone performance, I recommend watching them both.  That's what I did.

Without giving away all of the fun surprises, Tuesday night's show is centered around mini musicals (this review goes into more details) and a Great Big Broadway show. Thursday's has more to do with the superstar pop status for which The Gay Agenda seems inevitably destined.  I liked myriad aspects of both shows, so I can't pick a favorite night, but I do love it when they do piano/trumpet/ukulele mash-ups and arrangements of pop and folk songs (which is more represented Thursday).  Micah does a wicked Lady Gaga.  There was even a nod to the old Smothers Brothers album "Think Ethnic" on Thursday night.  Be still my beating, bleeding liberal heart.

I know I sound like a super-fan (and I think the guys may be concerned I have a little too much enthusiasm for them), but I seriously love watching Micah and Nicholas on stage.  They're both extremely funny and ever-so-talented.  Nicholas plays the piano so easily and well that it makes me curse my younger self for giving up piano lessons in junior high.  Not that i would be that good now, but... I'm getting off track.  Both men sing and harmonize like a dream.  The bulk of the songs in both shows are original, witty, and well composed.  I'm gushing, aren't I?


Did I mention that Nicholas and Micah served cookies before the show on opening night?  They served cookies!  Chocolate chip, to be exact.  This is so an agenda I can get behind.

Gay Agenda

Watch The Gay Agenda on YouTube here.  The sound's a little low on some of the videos, but maybe you have better speakers than me.


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