Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Hours

Courtyard 18 year old cat!

JG Saltie goods

Dan and I visited our friend Jenny (of Wiksten) for a casual "Happy Hour" at her new studio on Friday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with her studio mates, neighbors across the courtyard, their husbands and boyfriends, an 18-year old cat, and etc.

I was already Jenny's fan (as well as friend), but now I know of a few more designers doing beautiful work in the neighborhood.  Her studio mates and neighbors are terribly talented.

I coveted Jennifer's fox claw earrings and bullet ring, as well as Fay's delicate hoops with oxidized copper teardrop slivers.  Shannon's recycled leather handbags, made from vintage leather jackets, were simple and perfect.  Nicolette, across the courtyard with Fay, has a charming florist's studio, currently featuring the largest and most beautiful peonies I'd ever seen.

Anyone who needs to buy me a present should feel free to speak to one of these five ladies.

Our surroundings were made more pleasant by the handsome handbags, gorgeous flowers, delicate and lovely jewelry x2, elderflower cocktails, champagne, wine, baked goods from Saltie, and a green courtyard beyond generous windows.

From Saltie, we enjoyed olive oil loaf/poundcake, lavender and olive shortbreads (two separate things, not one mix of flavors),  and a rhubarb gallette (a sort of rhubarb tart with a partial envelope of crust).  I think the olive shortbread was my favorite, but all the items were nice.  Still, the sparkling company really did overshadow even these charming snacks.  How happy I felt!

It was a gorgeous way to spend an early evening.


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