Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo Essay: Crest Fest, 2010

Crest Fest 1

Crest Fest 2

I think it's awesome that this hardware store in my neighborhood wants to support and display local artists.  They hold an annual event that's part street festival and part gallery opening -- all centered in and around the Crest Hardware Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Walking around the store, looking for artwork "hidden" among the merchandise (and often greatly resembling the merchandise), was like participating in a treasure hunt.  Actually, there was a map to the artistic treasures, but it wasn't available yet when we stopped by on opening day.  We spent an hour or more just wandering and trying to spot everything.

Read more about the Crest Fest here

Crest Fest - Dan Funderburgh
Dan's tool wallpaper.

Crest Fest - Dan Funderburgh

Crest Fest 3

Crest Fest 5

Crest Fest 6
Smitty's saws.

Crest Fest 8

 Crest Fest 9

Crest Fest 11
Made of tires!  What?!

Crest Fest 10

Crest Fest 14

Crest Fest 15
In the garden at the hardware store.

Crest Fest 16

Crest Fest 25

Extended festivities on Saturday included food, crafts, face painting, other vendors, bands, and more!

I was glad to see that the major beneficiary of this event was The City Reliquary Museum, another local institution that's been in danger of going out of business for too long.

Crest Fest 18

Crest Fest 17

Crest Fest 23

Expect details on lunch in my next post!

Crest Fest


Mechanic said...

Thanks for sharing, I miss Crest Fest!

Jennette said...

I am embarrassed to admit this was my first year.

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