Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You could learn a lot from this dimly lit birthday party.

Isra 1

Okay, so the photos are underwhelming (I'm talking about my photography here, not the subject matter).  I optimized as best I could without having to open Photoshop.  People don't seem to light their houses for photo shoots.  Weird.

If necessary, just take my word for it -- Isra's birthday party feast was marked by an outstanding snack buffet.

My favorite items were:
  • radish and butter open-faced sandwiches (with good, fresh butter) -- I think I ate 6.
  • strawberry and cream cheese open-faced sandwiches
  • slices of prosciutto
  • very spicy pickles (provenance unknown)
  • perfectly ripe fruit slices, including peaches and plums
  • Spanish almonds (which I thought tasted a bit like cashews)
  • some kind of cheese that was incredible and unrecognizable (to me). 
  • blackberries

And, of course, the company was nice, too.

Isra 2

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