Monday, June 21, 2010

What summer Saturdays should taste like:

Shortcake 2
Shortcake at the Goods Food Truck

Saturday turned out to be a great day to wander around the neighborhood semi-aimlessly.  It wasn't then as hot as yesterday became (that's a clunky turn of phrase, eh?), and there was a lot going on near our house.

Goods Truck 1

The Goods food truck opened recently, and on Saturday around noon they declared their yard ready for seating. We took advantage of the special on strawberry shortcakes ($4 each) and sat in the back corner, with some construction still taking place and a crew of scurrying people going about their business

Goods Truck 2

The truck was (on Saturday) only serving breakfast until 11am, so they were unable to serve us a biscuit and a breakfast sausage, but soon they will be serving breakfast items until 2pm.  They also had not received their iced coffee machine, but promised that would soon be available as well.

The lunch/dinner menu focuses mainly on burgers and fries.  I do wish they had a turkey burger or a veggie corn dog on there, but I'd take fish and chips or a fried green tomato sandwich.

Goods Truck 5

The yard is a good size and pleasantly appointed.

Goods Truck 3

Goods Wall

Shortcake 1

The shortcake itself was just the thing. I didn't know how badly I wanted it until I took a bite. The thick, filling biscuit was still warm, but the whipped cream and strawberries were cooler.  I felt there was just the right amount of strawberry juice soaking into the base of the biscuit as I ate.  The last few bites of the "cake" were soaked with strawberry flavor.  Even better, the biscuit was slightly salty, in a way that might have seemed extreme if it were served alone, but was perfect for serving with a sweet fruit mixture.

Shortcake 3

This is summer.  I want another.


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